If you are looking to automate existing gates in the Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire area, do not hesitate to give us a call for a no obligation quotation.

Gate Automation can be a confusing subject for most people. With a vast array of systems, different types of motor, mains voltage, low voltage swing or sliding......lets explain.

Swing kits or 'rams' are suitable for most gates fitted on posts less than 250mm square.

Articulated arm systems are best suited for gates on large posts or brick pillars up to 550mm square.

Underground system are suitable for most gates including brick pillars over 550mm square. Not suitable for areas with poor drainage or liable of flooding. Hinge length can be critical.

Sliding gates are for 'rolling or track type gates. This can be floor track or cantilever.

Low voltage or mains voltage? Typically low voltage systems are superior to mains voltage motors. Both use a normal 240v supply but the low voltage systems have a built in transformer and convert to 12-24 volts DC. Not only is the voltage safer, low voltage motors are normally smoother, quieter and generally more advanced than basic mains powered motors. Battery back up for use in a power cut is an option on most low voltage system. Most low voltage motors feature 'obstacle detection' an important safety feature found on only a few 240v systems. EN TESTED systems with 'obstacle detection' can 'FEEL' an impact on the gate and back off again (in either direction) within 0.75 seconds - Excellent anti crush feature. There are a few 240v motors with this feature. Obstacle detection is NOT SUITABLE for fully boarded timber gates. The electronics will detect strong wind as an obstacle and reverse the gates during operation. - Use 240v system with safety edges.

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